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Donate Your Books & Media

Donate Your Money

Funds can be donated to the Library's general operations or may be designated for a particular area of interest. Funds donated to the Library are used to support:

• Technology Development
• Children's Services 
• Programs and Educational Outreach
• General Library Services

Donate online today.


Or if you prefer mail donations to:

Bacon Memorial District Library
45 Vinewood
Wyandotte, MI 48192

Volunteer Your Time

we are not accepting volunteers at this time.

Wills & Bequests

Including the Library in your will allows you to carry your commitment to the Library beyond your lifetime. Your attorney, accountant or trust officer will work with you to design a bequest that fits your situation and meets your goals. A professional will also make sure you receive the tax benefits allowed for your gift. If you already have a will, it may be amended by a codicil to include the Library.


A thoughtful way to remember family and friends or honor a special occasion is to sponsor a program or give the gift of books, music or movies to others. Fill out the Tribute Form and forward to the library. Contact the Director, Laura Gramlich, for more information. (

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