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What is a Fine Free Library?

  • Bacon Library does not charge any fines for overdue items only lost items.

  • Most Items will usually auto renew at least once, if no one is waiting for the items.

  • Bacon Library does charge for lost items that were never returned. Patrons will go to collections for lost items that have total a value over $65.  A $10.00 fee will be charged to a patrons account if they are sent to collections. This fee will have to be paid even if all items are returned for the account to be put back in good standing.

Wyandotte Items

Renewal will only happen if no one has the item on hold.

Books: renew twice

Dvd's/Blu-Rays: Renew once

Video Games: Renew Once

Kits: No renewals

Hotspots: No renewals


Patrons are notified by phone or email, depending on their preference. They can also opt in to text messages, but this is secondary to whatever other method they choose.


Coming Due Notices - Coming Due Notices are generated 3 days before checked out material is due and notifies the patron that they have material that will be due in 3 days.


Overdue Notices - Overdue notices are generated 7 days after the due date of checked out material and serves the purpose of notifying patrons that they have overdue material and that they may accumulate fines if the material is not returned.

Lost Item Notices - Lost Item notices are generated 21 days after the due date of checked out material and serves the purpose of notifying patrons that the checked out material is now assumed lost and the patron is responsible for the replacement cost unless the material is returned. We charge no fines on the item, if item is returned. Patrons card will be blocked until all items are returned.

Collections: Patrons who have more than 65.00 worth of items on their account that have gone lost, will be sent to collections 14 days after items were lost on card. If items are returned, Patron will only be responsible for the $10.00 collection fee.

Lost Item Notices are only sent via Email or via Paper Mailer delivered by the US Postal Service if no email address is present on the patron account.

Circulation Procedures

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