Printing may be done by using our  printing form and sending us your document. We will print it within 24 hours and you may pick it up through our walk up door (no curbside on printing.) You may also email us at what you need printed. Please make sure the subject is printing, and in message how many copies and b/w or color.  Wireless printing may also be done outside our building. .15 B/W and .50 Color. Having exact change is encouraged.


Faxing is done Monday-Thursday 10am-5:30pm and Friday-Saturday 10am-4:30pm. Please call us when you arrive. We will let you in the building and you will have to wait in a designated area. Faxing is 1.00 a page up to 5 pages, $5.00 for 5-20 pages (per fax).

Copy Machine

Use of our copy machine is available Monday-Thursday 10-5:30 and Friday and Saturday 10-4:30. .10 B/w only. Having exact change is encouraged.