While the inside of the library is closed, we are offering free printing up to 10 pages. You may use our printing form and send us your document. We will print it within 24 hours and you may pick it up through our walk up door (no curbside on printing.) You may also email us at what you need printed.


Faxing may be done through our walk up door only. Please call us when you arrive. We will knock when you can open the walk up door. Leave your fax on the table  with the phone number you would like it faxed to. We will fax it for you and return it to the table when we are done. While we are closed, faxing is free during this time and limited  to 10 pages.


Bacon Memorial District Library

45 Vinewood

Wyandotte, MI 48192


Fax: 734-282-1540