Library Cards

Do you need a library card?  Are you a Wyandotte resident? Cards can be attained at the library or you may apply online. If you apply online,  cards may be picked up at the library once you receive an email that it has been completed. All cards will be good for three years from the day the card was created.

If your card has expired, you can renew  in person at the library ,through email ( by sending a photo of your license/ID showing a Wyandotte address.  If you just need your pin, call the library or email  and include your library card number.

Library Cards will be given to children who are 4 and under 18 who live in Wyandotte or children. At least one Parent/Guardian must reside in Wyandotte and will have to send a copy of current license. All cards will expire 3 years from the date the card is created.

Library Cards will be given to Adults 18 and over who  have permanent residency in Wyandotte.

We are happy to offer the teachers of the Wyandotte School District extended classroom checkout dates. You must be a teacher in the Wyandotte Public School District.

Library Card 

Library Cards will be issued to any Wyandotte resident four & older. 

Bacon Memorial District Library requires official identification showing the resident's name and permanent address.

Minors can receive cards if they are 4 & over if:

  • have a parent or legal guardian present

  • live in the city of Wyandotte

The following will be accepted:

  • Michigan driver's license or State ID card with current Wyandotte Address

  • or, picture ID or passport with proof of residency shown by one of the following:

    • car registration

    • current utility bill

    • copy of lease or mortgage

    • copy of property tax statement

    • copy of bank statemt


  • The Bacon Memorial District Library reserves the right to refuse a card to a person for failure to meet the above requirements.

  • Bacon Memorial District Library will issue  temporary 30 day library card with a valid Michigan driver’s license or State ID with a current address if the individual’s home library is a member of The Library Network library (TLN).  There are over 60 local cities (excluding Dearborn and Detroit) that belong to TLN.

  • "MILibraryCard" stickers will be applied to Bacon Memorial District library cards for Wyandotte residents on request, giving the card owner access to more than 300 participating libraries throughout the state.

  • Non-TLN residents must have a library card from their home library with a MILibraryCard label before they will be allowed limited access to this library.

  • The fee for a non-resident library card is $100 per person for one year.

  • Cost to replace a lost library card: $1.00.