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Donation of  Books & Media

Donations of books and audio-visual materials are always welcome.

  • Donations of less than 20 items may be dropped off at our front desk during open hours.  Please have them in a box or bag that you do not want back. We will not return anything.

  • For up to 4 regular size boxes or 100 books, we have drop off hours on Wednesdays from 4pm-7pm and Saturdays from 10am-4pm. Please have them in boxes or bags that you do not want back. We will not return anything.

  • Any donation that is more than 100 items or 4 regular size boxes, we will NOT take at once. Please split up your donations appropriately. 


We CURRENTLY accept:

Hardcovers, paperbacks, CD's, DVD's.


We NEVER accept:

Materials that are musty, dirty, torn, textbooks, encyclopedias, magazines, VHS, cassettes, or albums. 

Other Options


We have a Better World Drop Box in our Van Alstyne parking lot. If it is full, please text or call the number on the box and let them know. If it is full, please do not leave books outside of the drop box. Better World Books will try to sell the books first, and recycle what can not be sold. 


Looking to recycle? Our Paper Bin is located on Vinewood. You can recycle both hardcover, softcover books, magazines, and newspapers here. 

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