The Gown Week 2 - Kelly

Spoilers ahead (sort of!)

Hi I am Kelly. I'm the Reference Librarian at Bacon Library. I'm a small detail person. I have a really hard time with historical fiction because I have a constant need to look up all the historical details. I haven't made it past the first two episodes of the Crown because I spent the whole time pausing it and googling every detail!

Not surprisingly, I got hooked on a small detail in Chapter 3. In chapter 3, Miriam moves to England two years after being liberated from a Nazi work camp. Before she leaves she goes to meet her friend Catherine who was in the prisoner camps with Miriam. Catherine is Christian Dior's sister. Dior writes Miriam a letter of recommendation. I had to know, was Catherine real?

That's when I went off on my google search. Did Catherine exist? And yes she did! She was Christian Dior's sister and she was placed in Ravensbrück, a concentration camp for women because she worked with French Resistance during WWII.

I discovered this talk by Natasha Lester, author of the Paris Secret. Catherine is a character in this book as well! I could tell you all about Catherine, but I'll let Ms. Lester tell you because she has a better accent than me, and you then you can add Paris Secret on your reading list too!

She mentions a biography being published and I was able to find the title Miss Dior by Justine Picardie, but other than a release date in late 2020, I can find nothing else. I also found this article, The Courageous Life of Catherine Dior that has a lot of details too.

I'm really enjoying The Gown so far. The historical details really have me hooked! What do you all think?


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