Library Card

Library Cards will be issued to adults 18 & over. Bacon Memorial District Library requires official identification showing the resident's name and permanent address.

Minors can receive cards if they are 4 & over if:

  • have a parent or legal guardian present

  • live in the city of Wyandotte

The following will be accepted:

  • Michigan driver's license or State ID card with current Wyandotte Address

  • or, picture ID or passport with proof of residency shown by one of the following:

    • car registration

    • current utility bill

    • copy of lease or mortgage

    • copy of property tax statement

    • copy of bank statemt


  • The Bacon Memorial District Library reserves the right to refuse a card to a person for failure to meet the above requirements.

  • Bacon Memorial District Library will issue  temporary 30 day library card with a valid Michigan driver’s license or State ID with a current address if the individual’s home library is a member of The Library Network library (TLN).  There are over 60 local cities (excluding Dearborn and Detroit) that belong to TLN.

  • "MILibraryCard" stickers will be applied to Bacon Memorial District library cards for Wyandotte residents on request, giving the card owner access to more than 300 participating libraries throughout the state.

  • Non-TLN residents must have a library card from their home library with a MILibraryCard label before they will be allowed limited access to this library.

  • The fee for a non-resident library card is $100 per person for one year.

  • Cost to replace a lost library card: $1.00.

Bacon Memorial District Library

45 Vinewood

Wyandotte, MI 48192


Fax: 734-282-1540