Construction Project

The library currently has two construction projects going on.  Both sets of stairs off the back parking lot have been replaced with new metal stairs.  Both sets of stairs will be getting awnings to keep rain and snow off patrons and staff. The previous stairs were in poor condition and starting to crumble. The deterioration was largely a result of salt that had been put on them for years during the winter.  The new metal stairs will not have this same issue. 

The front porch of the Bacon House is also currently under construction.  There are foundational issues and tuck pointing that are being addressed along with restoration work being done on the tile, columns, and roof of the porch to refresh its overall appearance.  Chipped and missing tile is being replaced, columns will be repainted, and the porch will be getting a new roof.  Work will be continuing on the porch throughout the winter with plastic sheeting enclosing it to make it warmer for those working on it.

Bacon Memorial District Library

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