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Building Use

BMDL Policy 4.2

Last Revised: May 9, 2011

The main library area, the multi-purpose room, the Local History Rooms and the Max Schwartz/Quiet Study Room are primarily for use by the public for designated library activities. These areas may be used by outside groups only with special permission from the Director. Private tutors are allowed to use the Adair Room and the Simmons Room on the 1st floor of the Bacon House on a 1st come basis for an hour at a time. The multi-purpose room may be used for tutoring if the room is not scheduled for a library meeting or activity. Several tables may be used in the multi-purpose room for tutoring as long as space is available to access the book sale, emergency door and the sorting carts.

The Heloise Bacon room on the second floor is available for meetings, and related activities, by advance reservation. Capacity of this room: 15.Any Wyandotte group or Downriver group with Wyandotte members may reserve the Bacon room under the following conditions:                            


  1. The meeting room is available at no charge for use by civic, community, cultural, educational, political, or religious organizations and other not-for-profit groups and individuals for non-commercial and non-profit purposes. The meeting room is made available on an equitable basis regardless of the beliefs or affiliations of individuals or groups requesting their use. Permission to meet at the Library does not in any way constitute or imply endorsement of the user’s policies, beliefs by the library.

  2. Businesses and other for-profit organizations or individuals will be charged $50 per 4 hour time period. Library premises may not be used for meetings or public announcements sponsored by individual candidates for local, state, or federal office. Meeting rooms are not available for personal or family parties, showers, or receptions.

  3. Library-sponsored activities always take precedence in scheduling meeting room use.

  4. People and organizations not affiliated with the Library that reserve the meeting room may not charge an admission fee, registration fee or accept donations. They may not sell commercial goods or services in the Library nor in any of the Library meeting rooms.

  5. An authorized adult representative of the group must request use of the meeting room and fill out an application form. By signing the form the applicant agrees that the Building Use Policy applies to the requested use of space and has been read and understood. Failure to abide by this Policy may disqualify the group from future use of the rooms. Room reservations may be called in but are not confirmed until the application form has been completed, signed and processed and any applicable fees are paid. Cancellation of a reservation should be made to the library 24 hours in advance. Groups that fail to notify the library of cancellation may lose their fee.

  6. Meetings must take place during library hours unless a library staff member is in attendance. Meeting rooms must be vacated by 15 minutes before library closing time. Meetings must not disturb normal library functions.

  7. The group must arrange its own chairs and put the room back in its original order before leaving.  Light refreshments (cookies, coffee) may be served, but everything must be cleaned up by the group.

  8. All organizations, groups or businesses will agree to hold the Library harmless from any loss, damage, liability, costs and/or expense that may arise during or to be caused in any way by such use of the Library facilities.


The Library Director and Library Board have the right to authorize, to deny, or to cancel the use of one of the library rooms by any group.

Pay 50.00 Room Rental Fee

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